Student struggles

Auckland rail map (Fare stages)

University students and apprentices should receive free off-peak travel on all public transport. Although there is an existing student concession it is not sufficient in terms of providing all tertiary students with the means of accessing tertiary education providers.

Taking into consideration that the majority of full time students have no time to work and earn a wage, they rely on a student allowance which they receive from the government through studylink. The maximum you can receive from a student allowance for a single student aged between 18-24 is $210.13 after tax. Additionally you can also apply for living costs as part of your student loan, the amount you can receive from this is up to $176.86. Making the maximum income for an unemployed single tertiary student $386.99. Although that seems like quite a decent sum, when you take into consideration that the maximum amount is mainly approved for those students living out of home the more realistic amount you may receive from living costs is about half that. Now if you factor in that most students also have to pay for rent or board which on average is $170 and can be up to $400 when living in or around the city. That’s between $220.80 – 450.80 a week in essential expenses already, not including any additional expenses such as food costs and utilities bills such as internet, power and water.

By making off peak travel free for tertiary students it would make it more affordable for them to live and pursue their studies without extreme financial stress. The cost of living is simply too high as it stands.


12 thoughts on “Student struggles

  1. Wow. You just made me realize how much money i actually spend on public transport every week. I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing.

    But i definitely agree that public transport for tertiary students should be made free. I mean, we’re already paying thousands of dollars a year for uni. The student concession helps but not by a lot, especially when we factor in everything else we have to pay for.


  2. Hey Sam, it’s good how you have clearly stated your argument in the first sentence of the introduction. Although I believe the maximum a student can get is $210 but that is if they have one sole parent, you may have to check a more reliable source in case what I know is false. I really like how you have stated how expensive transport can be to different places, its good to have facts backing up your argument. I agree with your argument as sometimes when I return to and from home on the train from Auckland it costs me $8 to get to Pukekohe. That’s $16 I could have put towards my rent. Looking forward to your next claims.


  3. Hey Sam, I like how you clearly gave us precise evidence on how pricy public transport can be for tertiary students, for someone like me who is terrible with numbers, I understood what you meant and you explained it very well.
    I agree that it should be made free, or at least made immensely cheaper… especially if I am paying over $50 a week. The concession can only do so much I mean it doesn’t make a huge difference when you have lectures daily and end up spending over $200 a month on transport alone(with concession).
    It’s ridiculous as sometimes when some students don’t have the money to go to Uni, they may end up skipping lectures because of that.
    All I can say is to maybe add some more link anchors such as the legit fees to prove you aren’t making it up or how it is affecting students going to study.
    Other than that, a great first sub-claim. I look forward to your next claims !!! 🙂

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  4. Hello Sam, I think its good you compared the tertiary At hop prices with the adult! It really brings into consideration how little the savings truly are. I think you need to look at where the money is going to come from to cover the cost of free tertiary transport? I definitely agree with you point though, especially since public transport cost almost the same as driving and parking in town and takes twice as long. At the moment as a tertiary student I find it more beneficial to drive and park in town as parking cost the same as the train fare return, and takes three times shorter than it would to drive.

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  5. Hi Sam,

    As the previous comments have said, your use of figures to draw a clear picture of how much public transport can cost is very well done. It would add to your credibility if you had sources for all of your statistics, including where you got how many tertiary students there are in Auckland in your previous post, how much the fare is for bus/train rides, and the average amount students pay for accommodation (which I thought was a lot more than $100/week these days?).

    Another thing that you might mention is the student loan, since you can borrow living expenses as well as course-related costs too.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  6. This is excellent! As perviously stated before by all readers, they way you have provided figures really opens my eyes as to how much money i actually spend on public transport.


  7. Hello, Sam!
    I agree with the claim that public transport for tertiary students must be free. I live not too far from the city, but still spend more than $120 per week, which still not as much as many other students spend. And what about exam period? Or when you have plans on weekends? Then you spend much more amount just to go to the city area. That’s really too much for the transport aside from rent and other expenses. Currently, even Red Link having only city route become 50C with AT Hop Card. You provided very good and useful references and understandable numbers. Thank you.


  8. Hey Samantha!
    I think the full amount of money that 18-24 year olds can get is around $210 but that is including the living costs, no matter what the circumstance is I believe and thats pretty sad. So yeah, I strongly agree with this even though I live in the city but it would be good for students who live quite far away. But damn those figures make me really sad, to be honest. Good work 🙂


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